How can you help?

We cannot do it on our own. Contributions to support the ild care foundation will be gratefully accepted.

Give generously!


To the credit of: ild care foundation Maastricht, the Netherlands. Please mention your name, full address and e-mail address.

The bank details you can donate your contribution to are:

Bank details
Bank account number: IBAN NL 14 INGB 0653434642
ING (International Netherlands Group)
Visiting address:
Vrijthof 45
6211 LE Maastricht
The Netherlands
Mail address:
PO Box 1391
6201 BJ Maastricht
The Netherlands

IBAN code: IBAN NL 14 INGB 0653434642

VAT The ild care foundation is not applicable for VAT,
so they do not have a VAT-number.
Their tax-number is: 8193.46.433, which is VAT-number related.
A Dutch BTW/VAT number starts with NL and ends with B.01.
So, if you need to fill it in your administrative system you could use this.

Registration number from the Chamber of Commerce: 14089230


Contact ild care foundation

ild care foundation
PO Box 18
6720 AA Bennekom
The Netherlands
tel: +31(0)620449319
fax: +31(0)842234007
e-mail address:


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