dr. A.C. Heijckmann

dr. A.C. Heijckmann

Caroline Heijckmann (1967) works as a clinical endocrinologist in hospital Bernhoven in Veghel/Oss (The Netherlands). She holds a degree in Medicine from the University of Utrecht. In 1993 she started work as a resident in the Department of Internal Medicine of the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Tilburg. Afterwards she was a fellow in Endocrinology in the University Hospital Maastricht. During her fellowship she started her research project on ‘Bone mass and fractures in patients at risk for secondary osteoporosis’; part of this project were studies on osteoporosis in sarcoidosis. In 2007 she successfully defended her thesis. Her current interests are clinical care & research in the field of (secondary) osteoporosis.

dr. A.C. Heijckmann
E-mail: heijckmann@me.com



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