E-learning: BAL fluid in the work-up of ILD

Everything you always wanted to know about the clinical value of bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) in interstitial lung diseases (ILD) and infectious diseases! In 2015 an online BAL course has been organized for pulmonologists, microbiologists and pathologists. Unfortunately, the material used was no longer available online. The online material is now available for free. This course has […]

Optimization of pharmacotherapeutic options in sarcoidosis

Optimization of pharmacotherapeutic options in sarcoidosis The clinical presentation and course of sarcoidosis are highly variable, varying from minimal involvement to derangement of organ physiology with functional impairment. Most sarcoidosis patients show spontaneous resolution, but in patients with a severe disease course and poor prognosis, a timely implementation of an appropriate potent individual pharmacological treatment […]

Marjolein Drent president WASOG

Professor Bob Baughman (Cincinnati, USA, past president of WASOG) just handed over the WASOG medal to the new president of WASOG professor Marjolein Drent from the Netherlands. On October the 10th 2014 during the 11th WASOG and 13th BAL meeting in Kusadasi Turkey (3rd combined WASOG BAL meeting) professor Marjolein Drent was appointed president of […]

Successful WASOG meeting in Turkey

The 11th WASOG and 13th BAL meeting Kusadasi Turkey (3rd combined WASOG BAL meeting) meeting was very successful. We thank the organizers for hosting this excellent congress. We had a lovely openings ceremony in Ephesus. Traditional Derwisj danser The program was excellent, there were interesting and challenging discussions. It started with a patient meeting which […]

Idol Chatter Om Prakash Sharma. Edited by Maggie Sharma

Idol Chatter Om Prakash Sharma. edited by Maggie Sharma Om Prakash Sharma, MD, FRCP, DTM&H, Master FCCP, FACP Om Prakash Sharma was born in India. After obtaining an MD degree, he read tropical medicine at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London. He served internships in Scotland, and England and a residency at […]

MTX app in the Apple Store and Google Play Store

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the use of methotrexate (MTX) in sarcoidosis. Help is at hand. There’s an app for that! This concise and useful app gives 10 recommendations on how to use MTX in sarcoidosis clinical practice. That’s a first! Based on the expert opinions from the world’s leading sarcoidologists combined with evidence-based recommendations […]

7th WASOG conference

7th international WASOG conference on Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Diseases was held in Sao Paolo, Brazil. June 4th-6th 2015. More information: please visit the conference website


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