dr. R.M. Wirnsberger

dr. R.M. Wirnsberger

Ruth Wirnsberger studied medicine at the University of Vienna and was trained as a pulmonologist at the Pulmologisches Zentrum der Stadt Wien, Prim. M. Neumann. In 1995 she moved to the Netherlands where she worked from 1996 to 1998 as a pulmonologist/chef de clinique at the CWZ in Nijmegen. Since 1998 she works at the Rehabilitation Centre Heideheuvel in Hilversum, where patients with chronic lung diseases, mostly asthma and COPD, undergo pulmonary rehabilitation. In 1996 Ruth Wirnsberger started her research on quality of life of patients with sarcoidosis under supervision of M. Drent and J. de Vries, University of Maastricht and Tilburg University, respectively. She finished it with the presentation of her thesis entitled: ‘Quality of life and health status in sarcoidosis’ on January the 14th 1999.

dr. R.M. Wirnsberger



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