Dr. Eduard Soudijn



Dr. Eduard Soudijn, born 1939, was a staff member of the ENT department of the University Hospital Saint Radboud, Nijmegen, the Netherlands from September 2005 till April 2009. Before he was the head of the department of the Maxillo-Facial Surgery of the University of Maastricht ,the Netherlands , and has contributed to the new education curriculum for medical students in Maastricht. Till his semi retirement he was substitute head of the ENT department of the University Hospital in Maastricht. In 2003 he was proclaimed specialist of the year. For twenty years he worked as a staff member in the Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem of which six years he was in charge of the education for residents in ENT from the University of Nijmegen. He was resident in ENT at the University of Groningen and three years full staff member there. In 1968 he worked as an intern in surgery in the Greater Baltimore Medical Center USA. Since more than eight years there is a close and valued cooperation with professor dr. Marjolein Drent because upper and lower airways are nowadays seen as an entity.

For different charity institutions he was invited to work in Surabaja, Indonesia, Kenya and Recently in Haïti. Being married for forty years with two daughters and one grandson.

Dr. Eduard R. Soudijn
The Netherlands
e-mail: e.soudijn@planet.nl


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