The ild care foundation: what do we do?

The ild care foundation brings diffuse or interstitial lung disease (ild) in the spotlight. Working with multidisciplinary teams is crucial.  Education is essential to raise the awareness of ild.  Most people only become familiar with ild when they or someone they know develops the disease. We are  committed to representing the interests of patients with these relatively unknown and poorly understood disorders and to promoting the best possible quality of life for patients and their families. The ild care foundation encourages young researchers with providing mini-loans. Tailor-made treatment is crucial in caring for ild patients.  Each type of ild has a different cause, a different course, and a different treatment required. The ild care foundation makes sure that treatment is patient-centered to meet the needs of each patient as fully as possible with a central role for the patient.  In this respect, we also collaborate closely with the Compassion for Care movement, patient societies and international organizations like WASOG. Patients with ild have an interest in innovation in science, with sufficient funds and proper medication. But, they want above all, confidence in a team of experts. This offers the ild care foundation. The lines are short, the network is large.

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