Sjon Schoondermark

Sjon Schoondermark has sarcoidosis. It’s a disorder of the immune system most common among young people.  It can attack any part of the body, usually the lungs, causing tiredness and breathlessness. Sjon has sarcoidosis for nine years. His major problem is small fiber neuropathy related symptoms with much pain and he couldn’t move. The regularly therapy so far has not made any improvements. In the end, it was decided to try anti-TNF alpha therapy, or biologicals. After 6 months treatment with infliximab Sjon doesn’t need the wheelchair anymore. 90% of the pain has gone. His life has changed entirely. He can go out with the children without needing a wheelchair. He is able to cook for the children, the family. He is again able to do things others think are normal.

‘’You only realise you lost them when you can do them again.’’

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