Conditions of use of the SFNSL: Small Fiber Neuropathy Screening List

Small Fiber Neuropathy Screening List: © Copyright belongs to the ild care foundation.

The use of the Small Fiber Neuropathy Screening List (SFNSL) is permitted by the ild care foundation,
if the following conditions are met:

  1. Usage in clinical settings is permitted without any condition
  2. Translation of the SFNSL questionnaire can only be done after permission of the ildcare foundation, and under strict conditions.
  3. Usage in clinical research is also permitted, in this case you must acknowledge the ild care foundation as follows, by adding the following sentence to the manuscript: © SFNSL (Small Fiber Neuropathy Screening List): ild care foundation (, and the SFNSL: Small Fiber Neuropathy Screening List needs to be added as a keyword in the final publication
  4. Usage of the SFNSL for research initiated or financially supported by Pharmaceutical Companies costs € 250,00 per questionnaire, per language. For further information please, send an email to
  5. A PDF file of the final publication must be send to the ild care foundation:


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