dr. S. Sanders-Kos

Snjezana (Sjana) Kos was born on April 10, 1973 in Zagreb, Croatia. At the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Zagreb, she obtained Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Biochemistry in February 1996. In September 1998 she obtained her Master of Science degree in Biological Health Sciences at the University of Maastricht, The Netherlands. From October 1998 until end of 2000 she worked on the variouos research projects at the Department of Biomolecular NMR of the Bijvoet Center at Utrecht University. From January 2001 to March 2004, she worked as a researcher at the Department of Clinical Chemistry at the University Hospital Maastricht under supervision of Prof. Dr. M.P. van Dieijen-Visser and Prof. Dr. M. Drent (Department of Respiratory Medicine) which resulted in thesis and PhD degree in March 2004. Afterwards, at the same department of Clinical Chemistry she did her residency in Clinical Chemistry and became registered Clinical Chemist in March 2008. From April 2008 until September 2010 she worked as a Head of the department of Clinical Chemistry in two smaller hospitals (Lange Land Hospital in Zoetermeer and St Jans Gasthuis Hospital in Weert). From Oktober 2010 until now, she works as a staff member at the Clinical Chemistry Department of the Maasstad Hospital, a large hospital in Rotterdam region. Her fields of interest are endocrinology, autoimmunity and point-of-care testing.

dr. S. Sanders-Kos
E-mail: Koss@maasstadziekenhuis.nl



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