ERS Virtual Master Class of Sarcoidosis

06/06/2023 – 07/06/2023 hele dag

ERS Virtual School of Sarcoidosis

6–7 June, 2023 | Online

Organisers: P. Spagnolo, M. Veltkamp, D. Israël-Biet, A. D. M. Vorselaars, K. Antoniou

Faculty: P. Y. Brillet, F. Calabrese, J. C. Grutters, S. Tomassetti, P. Korsten, M. Calatroni, F. Bonella, F. Jeny, M. Rosenbach, V. Kouranos, Y. Jamilloux, H. Nunes, M. S. Wijsenbeek, D. Culver, A. Prasse, F. Martone, M. A. Judson, M. Drent, A. Wells, E. Bargagli

This course will allow different medical specialists to share their knowledge about sarcoidosis and give the attendees an excellent opportunity to ask medical experts organ-specific questions regarding sarcoidosis.

Knowledge the audience will gain by attending the course:

  • Essential information on disease immunology and aetiology
  • Diagnostic tools and pathways
  • When and to which specialist to refer the patient
  • Treatment of severe and organ threatening disease
  • Potential novel therapeutic approaches
  • Quality of life in patients with sarcoidosis


  • Sarcoidosis – key features for clinicians
  • Diagnostic tools in sarcoidosis
  • Systemic manifestations of sarcoidosis
  • Treatment of life-threatening sarcoidosis
  • Treatment of sarcoidosis: what the future holds
  • Patient point of view and quality of life

More information and registration: Link


European Respiratory Society - ERS

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