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Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease

A valuable update on the diagnosis and management of this complex group of disorders.
Boek: Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease.

Particle Toxicology

Responding to the evolving trend of consumer applications for particulate matter, Particle Toxicology provides the comprehensive resource for current knowledge from which to develop new concepts to understanding particle actions, measurement, testing, and pathogenic exposure to fine and ultrafine particles.
Boek: Particle Toxicology.

Rare infiltrative lung diseases

Drent M, van Suylen RJ.
Histiocytosis X. 
Longartsenvademecum 2006; 9: no 6 en 7.

Poletti V, Costabel U, Casoni GL, Bigliazzi C, Drent M, Olivieri D.
Rare infiltrative lung diseases: a challenge for clinicians.
Respiration 2004; 74: 431-443.


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