Prijzen Elske Hoitsma

(foto: Elske Hoitsma).

Op 13 juni 2002 kreeg Elske Hoitsma (foto bijlage) de Pélerin wetenschapsprijs en de prof. dr. A. van der Linden trofee.
Zie: dunne vezelneuropathie bij sarcoidose of NL samenvatting

Elske Hoitsma ontving in 2002 ook de Prinses Beatrix Fonds-jaarprijs neuromusculaire ziekten 2002.
Zie: Medisch Contact

FSR Awards Grants through WASOG
FSR awarded their first grants to two researchers selected at the 7th World Congress of The World Association of Sarcoidosis and Other Granulomatous Disorders (WASOG) Conference, held in Stockholm, Sweden. Elske Hoitsma, researcher at University Hospital Maastricht, Holland, was chosen based upon questionnaires and abstract she submitted to a peer review panel composed of some of the top sarcoidosis clinicians and researchers worldwide. Dr. Hoitsma’s work was focused on small fiber neuropathy and autonomic dysfunction.
Zie: Stop Sarcoidosis

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